Introducing Constance, the visionary founder of Carmel Crown’s Real Estate Consultancy. With a dynamic and passionate approach, she embarked on her real estate journey in 1973, delving into the intricate world of property investment. Early on, she tasted success with numerous triumphs in real estate transactions. However, she wasn’t content with the existing exit strategies for real estate investors.

In 1979, Constance took matters into her own hands, crafting the country’s first Reverse 1031 exchange, collaborating with Marv Star of Miller Star, Regalia. Her innovative approach soon became the industry standard for reverse exchanges across the nation.

Through the years, the landscape of 1031 exchanges has evolved, but the core concept of providing exit strategies without immediate tax consequences endures to this day.

Constance has always had a deep concern for the needs and aspirations of her individual and business clients. She firmly believes that every real estate transaction brings sellers and investors closer to their ultimate goal of managing and enhancing their real estate portfolios.

Whether it’s guiding first-time young buyers in acquiring or liquidating their properties or assisting seasoned professionals in positioning their portfolios, Constance and her team work tirelessly to maximize opportunities for both individuals and corporations looking to invest wisely in real estate.

Unsatisfied with the limitations of corporate brokerage, Constance established her own firm, Carmel Crown Properties, in 2002. Her mission was to revolutionize the real estate landscape, underlined by a driving principle of safeguarding all investor buyers and sellers amidst an ever-changing market.

Constance’s unwavering commitment to her clients shines through every step of the process. Armed with extensive knowledge and expertise, she adeptly navigates the complexities of real estate, ensuring that her clients are well-informed and able to secure their investment goals.

As a staunch advocate of the American dream, Constance empowers her clients to reach their full potential, making their foray into real estate investment a seamless and rewarding experience. Her genuine dedication to each individual’s aspirations motivates her to go the extra mile, leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of their objectives.

Over time, Constance has built a stellar reputation based on commitment, integrity, and reliability. She leads by example, demanding and inspiring her team to uphold the same standards of care and professionalism, always prioritizing fair and transparent transactions.

In a world where trust and authenticity are paramount, Constance stands out with her unwavering dedication to her clients. The guiding principles of Carmel Crown have facilitated the realization of countless dreams for investors, individuals, and families, leaving a lasting impact on all those she serves.