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History of Constance Anne Dudley and Crown Properties
.....Constance obtained her real-estate licensee in 1973 and started her real estate career in Carmel by the Sea at that time. In 1976 Constance joined with Jim Mustard of Mustard Realty as, an associate partner at Mustard Realty. Over the next few years, Constance became very interested in 1031 property tax defer exchanges, at that time a reverse delayed 1031 exchange did not exist. This was not acceptable to Constance and as such, in 1979, with the assistance of Marv Starr of Miller Starr Regalia, Constance was the architect of the first reverse delayed exchange in the country. This exchange involved over 39 escrows and was much more complex than the reverse exchanges we typically see today.
.....Constance was raised on the Carmel Peninsula by her parents who supported her love of animals consisting but not limited to horses, dogs and cats. After school and during the summer she was both head camp councilor at Rancho Point Lobos and a fierce year round equestrian competitor. Her immediate family consisted of 2 brothers & 2 sisters, all of whom attended the Carmel school system before embarking on their chosen careers. Constance locally attended both Sunset School in Carmel and is an
Alumni of Carmel High. At Carmel High she played in almost all sports, while working part time after school. Constance was easily recognized by her Bultaco and pink nails she is a local girl with a long local history. After graduating Constance with her boyfriend owned a Hay and feed store combined with a boarding Stable however because of her love of business she found herself involved in real estate, the choice was simple for her to pursue obtaining her real estate license and engaging in a fulltime real estate career, Constance also obtained her pilots license and raised successful thoroughbred race horses. She married/divorced and raised her two sons here in Carmel. Although she has found time to spend in many parts of the world her passion for life has always been closely associated with the lifestyle California offers. Having spent time in both the Paso Robles and Northern California areas, her long time favorite is still the Carmel Bay area. Constance is personally pleased that she has the opportunity to assist others with property transaction including finding homes and properties in California, and thereby sharing the area she loves so much. In so assisting her clientele she is able to provide her clients with the opportunity to enjoy so many of the amenities she has grown to love and that California has to offer.